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Thursday Plantation 100 Tea Tree Oil

For nearly forty years, Thursday Plantation has been opening people’s eyes to the restorative power of nature’s oils. Today, Thursday Plantation offers a unique range of health and beauty products, all derived from nature’s oils, to restore your skin to its healthiest.

Highest Quality Tea Tree

Thursday Plantation is made from Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil grown in northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.

  • Grown under Australia Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) code of practice to ensure traceability, good growing practice and purity.
  • Proven to be pure and unadulterated
  • The most scientifically researched brand:
    Thursday Plantation is used in many research studies around the world, making it the Oil that scientific literature is based on

Microbiological testing has established the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of TTO required to inhibit the growth of most microbes is less than or equal to 2%. Thursday Plantation Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil contains a concentration of 100% TTO.

Pure Tea Tree Oil certification
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